BeeAlert Bee Control System


The BeeAlert Bee Control System distributes a non-toxic, environmentally safe spray formula that defends against attacking bees and wasps. The BeeAlert Bee Control System is the only non-toxic solution for those who find themselves under attack by Killer Bees and other stinging insects.

Aerosol Spray

The Aerosol Spray is specially designed to be lightweight and compact. When sprayed properly, the BeeAlert protective formula forms a halo of protection. Ideal for use by weekend homeowners, campers, hikers, survey crews, hunters, horse riders, or anyone in need of emergency protection from swarms of stinging insects.

BeeAlert Concentrate Solution

When faced with a bigger concern the BeeAlert Concentrate is effective when used in a garden sprayer.  Mix ratio is 2:2  BeeAlert Concentrate:Wate

The BeeAlert formula is safe to spray directly on people, children, pets, and plants.  It is non-flamable. It does not stain.

View MSDS Sheet – Concentrate

Two Pack 4oz Spray Cans –  $11.99
10oz Aerosol Spray Can  –  $11.99
12 Pack Case 10oz Aerosol Spray  –  $123.00
Two Pack 4oz Spray Can Case – $123.00
One Gallon Concentrate  –  $43.00

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