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 Aerosol Cans
Aerosol Spray distributes an EPA-approved, non-toxic, environmentally safe spray formula that defends against stinging insect attacks.
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 BeeAlert Concentrate Formula

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BeeAlert is the Best Answer for Stopping Swarms of Stinging Insects 

The Patented BeeAlert Stinging Insect Control System* distributes a non-toxic, environmentally safe spray formula that stops swarms of attacking bees and wasps.
Five years ago the BeeAlert development team began to work with a wide range of professionals to create an effective method to stop attacks by Africanized Bees. Apiary Specialists at a major Agricultural University, The EPA, Entomologists, and EMS Physicians provided professional counsel. Farmers and Ranchers, Pipeline Workers, Foresters, Heavy Equipment Operators, and others whose work put them at risk of stinging insect attacks provided practical advise based on experience.
The result isThe BeeAlert Stinging Insect Control System. The best answer for swarming attacks by stinging insects.

The BeeAlert formula spray is non-toxic. Unlike other bee and wasp sprays BeeAlert’s formula can be sprayed directly on adults, children, pets, and plants. It is non-flamable. It will not stain.
Firefighter’s foam and other chemicals used in the past are dangerous to both victims and the environment. The BeeAlert formula is safe.
* U.S. Patent 7,739,828

Note:   BeeAware, Inc. cannot guarantee users will not receive stings.  Extensive field tests have shown that using BeeAlert greatly reduces the chance of life threatening multiple stings by stopping attacks of swarms of stinging insects.  People allergic to stinging insects should take extra care when outdoors.

The BeeAlert Stinging Insect Defense System is available in a wide range of effective sprays.

  • Portable Battery Powered EMS Backpack with adjustable spray wand. 
  • Tractor and Dozer Roll Bar and Roof Mounted Tanks with electric pumps and strategically placed spray nozzels.
  • Easy to use, Aerosol spray cans.
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