BeeAlert Solution


The African honeybee, introduced in Brazil to increase honey production and hardiness in local hives, instead produced a super aggressive hybrid known as the Africanized Honeybee (AHB) or Killer Bee. Since the 1950’s the AHB has migrated from Brazil, through South America, Central America, and Mexico. Today they are common in every southern state from California to Florida and they continue to move north, recently reported in Colorado, Arkansas, and Virginia.

AHB’s are a major problem. Since the first U. S. Killer Bee fatality in Harlingen, Texas in May 1991, governmental authorities and the medical emergency community are increasingly dedicated to AHB control measures. All efforts to stop the spread of AHB have been futile. In other words, the AHB is here to stay.


The developer of the BeeAlert Stinging Insect Control System is Will Baird. Like most residents of Texas, Will kept an eye on the Africanized Honeybee (AHB) or Killer Bee problem since news reports first warned of the coming invasion in the 1970’s. In the summer of 2004, Killer Bees moved from the pages of newspapers to reality for him. A friend, mowing the yard at his weekend home outside of Houston, came too close to a set of bee boxes which he kept as a hobby. Unknown to him one of the hives had become Africanized. In seconds the AHBs, stirred up by the vibration of the tractor, launched an attack killing Will’s friend. A month later, another friend, an 80-year-old rancher in South Texas, was nearly stung to death while working in a field he had plowed every year of his adult life.

Baird began research to create a method to stop the threat of these horrific incidents. After interviewing experienced EMS first responders and bee experts, gaining a full understanding of their needs, he began to develop the BeeAlert Stinging Insect Control System.

The purpose of the system is two-fold. First, fend off an attack of stinging swarms and allow victims time to exit the hot zone.

The BeeAlert Bee Control System uses a patented spray system and non-toxic solution that knocks the insects down without harming the victim, the operator, or the environment.

The BeeAlert Stinging Insect Control System has several applications for use in an attack. These devices are Tractor/Dozer Roof Mounted Tank, Tractor/Dozer Roll Bar Mounted Tank, and Aerosol Spray Can in three convenient sizes; TWO PACK 4oz, 10oz and 14oz.

NOTE: Currently, BOTH Tractor/Dozer units are NOT available for purchase.  We are in the process of improving the devices to better serve our customers.  Please contact us if you would like to be informed when these units are available.