About Us

BeeAware, Inc. is a Texas Corporation that manufactures and sells the BeeAlert Stinging Insect Control System.

BeeAlert stops swarms of attacking stinging insects, including Africanized Honey Bees. The BeeAlert system features a water-based formula that is totally non-toxic and environmentally safe, but when used as a spray effectively stops swarms of dangerous insects.

Emergency First Responders, Entomologists, Engineers, and Ranchers helped develop the BeeAlert System based on the original idea patented in 2005, by inventor, Will Baird, a rancher and conservationist. Baird and the consultants, developed different methods to deliver the life saving formula: The Tractor/Dozer Roll Bar Mount, The Tractor/Dozer Roof Mount, and the Aerosol Spray Can.

The Tractor and Dozer Mounts are sturdy plastic tanks mounted behind or above the operator’s seat. In the event of a swarm attack the driver hits a panic button activating an electric pump and is immediately soaked by an emergency shower with the non-toxic BeeAlert formula delivered from spray nozzles mounted on the tank. The spray also creates a protective halo that the insects are unable to penetrate allowing the potential victim to safely remain seated and drive out of the hot zone.

The Aerosol Spray is a portable can of the BeeAlert formula. The spray is delivered through a specially designed nozzle that emits a powerful stream and creates the protective halo. Perfect for use by hikers, horse riders, survey crews or anyone who works or plays in a potential stinging insect hot zone.

Because BeeAlert is an emergency use product only the finest materials are used in its manufacture.